Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pioneer School

Last week Meilani's class went to The Old Lammersville School, which is an old, historical, one room school house in our community. Every third grade class in our area gets to spend a day at the old school learning about what it was like to be a pioneer student in the 1880's. Everyone had to dress in costume. The boys and girls sat on opposite sides of the classroom. There was a spelling bee. The kids learned cross stitch, wrote with feather quills and ate a fried chicken lunch out of a pail. For the last month or so Meilani's teacher has been calling her by her pioneer name, Eve Banta, and she'd have to stand, curtsy (as demonstrated above), and say "yes Ma'am" every time she was called on in class. It was really a great experience, and Meilani, or Eve rather, had a wonderful time. Our kids attend school in the Lammersville School District (and Ben's currently on the board). It's great to be a part of such rich history! I love living in this great community!


Corinne P. said...

That sounds like an amazing experience for the kids- what a great school!

Riquino Family said...

Did you make her outfit? Very cute!