Wednesday, January 24, 2018

February 2017

Family Home Evening lesson about cooperation.

Eli joined the MHHS Winter Percussion.  He plays vibes and they took first place at their first competition.

With his buddy Joe.

I'm pretty sure I said no candy, and Grandmom was in the process of giving him some anyway.

We went to Red Robin for Eli's birthday.  This kid is growing up so fast!  We sure love him.

Everyone loves to dog-sit Abby.

Meilani at a young women activity.

Ben's brother Aaron got married.

It was a stunning wedding and Tiffany was a beautiful bride.

Tiffany's mom signing the marriage certificate.

Joy School block building.

Ruby's bedtime creation.

She wanted to snap a pic of me too.

Impromptu lunch with the cousins.

Joy School field trip to the children's discovery museum.

Ammon and his buddies Kyler and Gavin.

Liam really wanted to go to science night at the school.  I didn't, but alas we went and he was thrilled.

Eli turned 14 this month and that means he got to go to his first church dance!!!!  He was not as excited as I was.

Meilani helped him get in the spirit.  It was black and white themed.

Fondue at Grandmom's one night.

Sariah's basketball game with the cousins.

Seth was student of the month.

park climbing

Friday, January 12, 2018

January 2017

The first Sunday in January means new classes in Primary at church.  Ammon sweetly took Ruby by the hand to help her find her Sunbeam class, all completely unprompted.  We've officially graduated all our children from Nursery!  It feels like a new era is dawning in our home.  It's strange and wonderful all at the same time to be concluding our days of babies, and to enjoy our older kids in their new big kid milestones.  I do feel a little bit of an identity crisis knowing that our family is complete.  Who am I if I don't make babies?  I guess we'll see.

New teeter-totter arrived and it's been wet outside so we opted to keep it indoor for awhile.

Sariah got to cash in her Christmas gift from Uncle Sean and Aunt Lori.  She and I had an amazing time at the Warrior game!

A friend of mine who also happened to be at the game had to leave early and invited us to move down low to their amazing seats.

It was a blast to see the team up close.

Meilani turned 16!  School selfie with Dad.  My post from the day:
"My girl who made me a mother is 16 today. Time is a funny thing. I don't know how it's possible for this sweet baby to be such a grown up young lady especially since my 16 year old self doesn't feel too distant. What I do know is that I couldn't have asked for a more kind hearted, hard working, and loving daughter. She's an incredible example to her siblings, and to me. Happy Birthday Meilani Fobert!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ you."

We went to dinner with Grammy and Titi where Meilani received a HUGE surprise.

Keys to her own wheels from Grammy!  Technically the car is for all the kids, but being the firstborn does have it's perks!

In our church teens are encouraged to put off dating until 16, then to only go on group dates.  I'm glad Meilani decided to follow this council.  A sweet boy in our ward took her on her first date the day after her birthday.

Seth was student of the week and got to have Clifford help us make dinner.

Meilani also finished reading The Book of Mormon, marking the completion of her Personal Progress Program at church.  The program helps girls draw closer to God and Jesus Christ, and helps them prepare for their future roles.

Ruby loves holding our new cousin.

FREEDOM!!!!  This girl passed her driver's test!  Whoop whoop!  I think I might be more excited than she is!

First solo drive selfie...before she started driving of course!

Such a good sport, Eli.

I think the kids were "massaging" Ben's back.

Eli babysat while all the grown ups went to Meilani's county honor choir concert.  I think we were gone a little too long.  Noah ended up jumping (or falling, never got a straight story) off the bed and hit his head.

The fruits of my campaigning labors for Measure L.  The final remaining buildings at MHHS are being constructed.  This was the performing arts center.

Ben and Eli went with the scout troop snow camping.

They dug their own igloos.  Ben slept in the car with it running all night.

Poor Ruby tried to stand on a balloon and ended up cracking her mouth on the hard frame of the couch.  Her gums were totally gone, a few teeth loose, and her entire jaw and face swollen.  Dr. and dentist said she should heal fine but it was a rough few days.  She didn't want to eat or move because everything hurt.

Feeling a little better, lots of jammy days though.