Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ruby's First Birthday

Our little mess maker turned 1 on August 3rd.  This has most definitely been the fastest year of my life although I'm sure I'll say the same thing next year.  This baby girl has brought so much joy and peace to our lives.  She's been the sweetest, chubbiest little baby and I'm sad to see those days come to an end as we head into toddlerhood.  Roobs, is full of energy and gusto these days.  She's literally taken off since she started walking early on this summer, always making an attempt to keep up with the older kids.  Thankfully she still enjoys a good cuddle session and is super ticklish.  She refuses to let us feed her, exerting her independence already.  We adore our girl and are so thankful that she's been blessed to join our family.
Pasta a la Abba on her actual birthday.

Poor girl didn't get a nap and feel asleep before dessert, so...

cake for breakfast!  Love the arm rolls.  She's got tan lines from those rolls!

Yeah, she was excited!

And, now ready for a nap.

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