Sunday, October 19, 2014

This and That

These two fall asleep like this all the time.  

RIP Ellie.  While chaperoning a youth dance our big van was smashed to oblivion.  Some guy was driving down the road at an excessive speed, clipped the back of my van and rammed it up the curb and onto the lawn of the church.  When someone came to tell me what happened I thought they were kidding.  Then I thought, how much damage could they possibly do?  As it turns out...a lot.  The whole frame of the van was bent and it was totaled out by the insurance company.  Sad day, especially because Ellie was an old model with low mileage that we got for a sweet deal.  And, we had just put new tires on the car less than a week before the accident.  We ended up getting more than we paid for the van but still ended up with a car payment on a new one.  We're just thankful that no one was in the car at the time and figure that for whatever reason we needed a 15 passenger van instead.

Liam getting his baseball award.  Yeah, we're not playing baseball again...

One night Owen didn't come home when I called him.  It was unusual for him and I was pretty upset about it.  I kept going out and calling him to no avail.  Then finally we heard meowing but couldn't tell where it was coming from.  We first thought he was stuck in the AC unit.  Finally we looked up and found our kitty on the decorative ledge of the house.  Ben had to get on a ladder to get him down.  Funny kitty!

Arguably the cutest beach buns of the season.  This girl didn't like the feel of sand while crawling and has taken to full time walking.

Liam's creation at the park one afternoon.

Face paint a la Meilani

For mom's birthday we went to SF to ride a carousel.  My mother is funny.  She's loves a mean carousel ride!  So we indulged her.  

We visited the sea lions too.

I love this inquisitive boy.  His smile melts my heart!

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