Monday, September 22, 2014

Sariah's Birthday

I can hardly believe this girl is 9!  She sure adds a lot of excitement to our family.  She's quite the jokster and frequently finds the funny even in the most serious of situations.  She's continues to love sports of all kinds and is in her element outside with a ball in her hand or wheels at her feet.  She's adventurous and always up for a party.  On the rare moments when we're alone, her calm and relaxed demeanor is somewhat surprising.  She loves shopping of any kind and is a huge help when we're out and about.  She's confident and self assured in her uniqueness and likes to stand out in a crowd.  We love our Sariah girl!5
Family dinner

She ordered our favorite pioneer woman chocolate cake.

While the boys were on a father/son campout, Sariah celebrated with a couple friends at Rock and Jump, an indoor trampoline place. 

We had cake afterwards and I was thrilled not to have to host a big party!

Love love love this girl!

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