Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Kitty

I went to the church to drop off a cake and came home with a cat.  The missionaries found an abandoned kitten in the church parking lot and insisted that I take it home to save it's life, since I happend to be the only one at the church in the middle of the day.  And well, I'm a sucker.  Ammon and Ruby are in love.  Seth's a little afraid of him but he's getting more confident.  He's a really sweet cat and tolerates the man handling by the kids like a champ.  
We named him Owen.  The guy at the pet store who gave the Joy School kids a tour and showed me the cheapest litter box has a tabby named Owen, so it seemed fitting.

He loves hanging out in the backyard and playing with the kids.

Ruby kisses! food.

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