Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mother's Day

Truth be told, I'm so behind on blogging that I can't remember what we did on Mother's Day.  I remember it being a good day though.  I didn't let myself feel the guilt that usually accompanies this holiday and instead relished in the humorous chaos of our family, soaking in the kids funny little personalities and dirty wet kisses.  I vaguely remember getting breakfast and gifts in bed, and I know we went to church.  Pretty fuzzy after that but I did insist that we attempt a picture.  We were cracking up through the whole thing.  Here's a few of my favs.  They drive me crazy sometimes, and this live is nothing short of daily hardness, but I love these people more than life itself.  I love being mom.

Sariah made this little gem at Activity Days for me.  Her leaders were in stitches.  I was too.  It's a keeper!

Well, well, look at that.  After posting the pictures above I found these.  Turns out we went to my mom's for family dinner.  The importance of taking pictures, I tell ya.

And an oldie but a goodie of me and my mommy!  Sure love her!

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