Monday, September 22, 2014

Swim Lessons

All of May Ruby and I spent our afternoons relaxing by the pool while Seth and Ammon had swim lessons.  I knew having three little kids near water all summer was going to be tough, so we opted for semi private swim lessons before summer break to help ensure no one drown while we were staying cool.  Swim lessons started out well.  Seth had some water fears and we hit a few bumps in the middle weeks of the month where he cried and screamed the entire lesson.  Ammon on the other hand had no fear at all but somewhat lacked the gross motor development to really swim strokes.  With a little tough love (read, mom threw Seth into the pool) Seth overcame his fears and ended up progressing quite a bit!  It was a great way to kick off summer, both Seth and Ammon had fun, and their swim teacher was so patient with us and our somewhat unconventional parenting methods.  He did question my thinking the day I made Seth get back in the pool after he threw up in the bushes.  ;)  I assured him that Seth just drank too much pool water.  Hey, right back on the horse right?

Diving day was the turning point!

In the end Seth was able to dive in and swim the whole length of the pool.

Seth, Reese, and Ammon.

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