Friday, July 11, 2014

Joke's on Me

I rearranged my day and followed the spontaneous feeling that came and inspired me to create a mystery dinner for April Fools Day.  It looked so wonderful on Pinterest!  I had a bunch of random things spread all over the kitchen and the kids had to order 4 trickily titled items per course from the "menu" not knowing what exactly they were ordering.  Late in the afternoon things got rather sticky, literally, when I dropped a glass dish of jello in the garage and the ever potty training Ammon pooped on the floor.  That derailed my already tight cooking schedule and when Ben walked in things had gone from bad to worse.  I tried to pull it together but no one liked the lobster bisque I bought, not even me, despite their love for the Studio C lobster bisque skit, and that was the main course.  I can't remember where I had to go that night, but there wasn't time for the four courses I had planned.  In the end the kids ate breadsticks and ice cream.  I left tearful and hungry, frustrated with myself for not better realizing my limitations.  Next year...Chinese takeout in a pizza box.  For real!

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