Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This & That

Ruby outgrew her swing.

And onto the exer-saucer.

This boy is a vacuuming fiend.  He also is frequently naked due to potty training. 

He thinks he's hiding so he won't have to take a nap.

Ammon so kindly shared a cupcake with Ruby while I was up switching the laundry.  What a nice brother!  This is also the day I decided we needed hardwood floors.  More on that to come.

Watching Liam's basketball game one Saturday.

Lazy boy insisting that he sit in Ruby's seat and  that we feed him. His arms tucked behind his head are the icing on the cake!  I think he was tired, it was a late dinner.

This little chubby is ready to crawl!  We just can't get enough of her!

At Meilani's basketball game Ammon and Seth kept screaming at the top of their lungs and waving to the "tiger" from the opposing team.  When he finally came close enough to say hello, Ammon chickened out.  He's right out of camera shot clutching my leg.

Student of the month!

Ruby fell asleep on the nasty carpet while I went to lay Ammon down for a nap.  Truthfully, she fell asleep on top of some toys and a bag but I moved them for the pic.  Sethie's in the background happily playing with his My Little Ponies.  The first set of ponies from Christmas got lost after we accidentally left them at the park.  He earned a new set with good behavior and these ponies don't travel with us!

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