Tuesday, April 22, 2014

February Birthday Boys

We celebrated our February birthday boys at a family dinner at Grandmom's on Liam's actual birthday.  I can't believe how big Liam's getting, both physically and mentally.  He's an amazing reader now and loves school.  I frequently borrow his flip flops when mine aren't handy.  He loves sports and was the only kid in our family this year who wanted to play baseball.  He likes sandwiches with pickles but would always prefer to buy lunch at school, given the chance.  He towers over his peers and still loves to snuggle every opportunity.  Ben and I affectionally call him our great dane because like a giant puppy he loves to sit on our laps not realizing his large stature.  Unless we make him mad, of course.  Then he wants nothing to do with us!  Liam adds a playfulness to our home.  I'm still in love with his little dimple and baby face.  
Eli was thrilled that everyone went in to get him a Kindle.  I was really apprehensive when he wanted one at Christmas but after a great deal of consideration, especially as Ben's developing a technology rich high school at work, we decided that it's better for the kids to learn to appropriately use technology rather than to keep it out of their hands.

Liam got some new SkyLanders.

The traditional Lafferty birthday candle.

Love love love these fellas.

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