Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eli Turns 11

Eli turned 11 on a Sunday so we had a low key celebration after church one evening.  He didn't want cake and requested crepes instead so we made a crepe cake.  This boy is really so dang wonderful.  He's responsible beyond belief and values free time immensely because he's always the first to finish his chores and almost never has homework because he gets it done in class.  He surely has figured out how to "work the system" in his favor.  He's a great babysitter and frequently encourages us to go on a date so he has the chance to be in charge.  His humorous side continues to keep us laughing.  We love this boy!

For his friend party he requested a trip to an indoor trampoline place with a couple friends.  They had a blast.

This little girl cut her first tooth while we watched the kids jump.

We came back to our house for cake and pizza afterwards.  The plan was to stop to eat somewhere but it turned out that I left my wallet at home, so we had a detour.

Eli with Aidan and McKoy, his two best buddies.

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