Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Arrow of Light

Eli received his Cub Scout Arrow of Light award recently.  We're so proud of him!  It's crazy to think that he's already done with Cub Scouts.  I remember vividly sitting in a pack meeting where he got his very first award, feeling overwhelmed with the work and time it would take to help him achieve his Eagle Award.  I realize now however that I am the mother of an incredibly motivated and hard working son and that he accomplishes so much without my meddling.  Thanks to wonderful scout leaders, I didn't even realize he had finished all the requirements for his Arrow of Light until he was about to get the award.  Eli loves scouts and I love watching him grow into a young man.


Crossing over the bridge from Cub Scout to Boy Scout.

Eli and his best buddy McKoy.  These two share a birthday and are the best of friends.  They are very similar in temperment and enjoy doing scouts together.  

Love this boy!

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