Monday, April 21, 2014

A Teenager in the House

Meilani hit the big 1 - 3.  We have a full fledged teenager living in our house now.  I marvel at how this has happened because I'm pretty sure I was already me at 13, so the fact that my child is now 13 makes me realize that basically, my job as a parent is over.  She is already who she's going to be and anything I impart from here on out is simply an experience we share that she later will form her own opinion about.  There's no molding, no shaping, and very little teaching, truth be told.  She'll learn more now from observing, thinking, and experiencing life than she will from what I tell her.  I still plan to share many meaningful experiences with this amazing girl, don't get me wrong, it's just that she'll be deciding for herself more fully how to interpret those experiences.  I pleased and proud of Meilani and her accomplishments.  She's a great leader among her peers, is mature beyond her years and is helpful and fun loving.  She made me a mom and continues to teach me about patience, love, and service.

All this girl wanted for her birthday was an ipod.  All the extended family pitched in to get her one.  She was pretty excited!

Singing to the birthday girls.

Meilani requested a "tea party" with her friends which I found interesting as she also had a tea party at her first friend party when she turned 3.

Playing pass the present.

What a beauty!  She originally wanted to wear a different outfit that was much less dressy, but reluctantly changed at the last minute.  I think she was worried that she'd be overdressed compared to her friends.  She was glad in the end as all the girls came pretty fancied up.

We set up a photo booth backdrop in the backyard with props.  That was the highlight I think.  These girls weren't too into games or crafts anymore.  They just want to hang out together.

Meilani and her good friend from school, Zharah.

The girls were pretty enthralled with Ruby.

Dad took the younger kids out for the evening and let them buy giant jaw breakers.  

They then had some fun with the photo booth before we cleaned up.

My friend Maria and my mom were helpful co-hosts for the evening.

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