Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Dear Friends,

I can hardly believe that December is upon us again. Time seems to pass at an ever increasing speed, and while the days are long, with our large brood, the years are short. This year has brought incredible blessings for our family. We're still living in Mountain House, California and love this little town with all our hearts. We hope this holiday season brings you peace and an added measure of the Spirit as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. We love you and are ever grateful for your influence in our lives. We love the digital world we live in that allows us to keep up with our friends despite the circumstances that separate us. Thanks you for touching our lives for good!

Love, The Foberts Ben, Danelle, Meilani, Eli, Sariah, Liam, Seth, Ammon, and Ruby

2013 in Review
Ben: Started a new job as the Mountain House High School Principal and is developing a 21st Century high school rich in technology. He loves his 3 minute commute and is half way through the course work in his doctoral program.

Danelle: Gave birth to 11 lb, 2 oz Ruby and lived to tell about it. Still serving as Young Women President at church and spends most of her time cleaning up the messes of 2 little boys.

Meilani, 12: Played volleyball on her school team and enjoys serving in leadership. She's an awesome big sister and popular babysitter.

Eli, 10: Loves soccer, piano, and singing with Dad. Quite the jokester with a great sense of humor. He's an exceptional student and is super responsible.

Sariah, 8: Got baptized this year and loves to bear her testimony at church. Still the sporty girl, we can't keep a ball out of her hands.

Liam, 6: Loves school, especially recess, learned to read this year and is the bottomless pit at meal time. Still taking after Dad in the height department.

Seth, 4: Started Joy School in the fall and can't get enough time with his friends. Loves my little pony, chicken nuggets, and chocolate milk.

Ammon, 2: Destruct-o-boy. Thinks he's a big kid and constantly climbs on everything. Loves to sing and dump anything messy on the floor.

Ruby, 4 months: Had minor surgery a month ago to repair a ureter. She has the sweetest disposition and is cute to boot! Her cheeks are to die for.

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