Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Basketball started before Soccer officially ended, so we haven't had a game free Saturday in the last six months, but it's been a blast to watch these three on the court.  I read this article in the midst of our basketball filled weekends and couldn't agree more.  I do love to watch my kids play mostly because it's fun to see them enjoy physical activity and team camaraderie.  

This was Liam's first year of basketball.  I was reluctant to sign him up because he didn't love running too much in soccer but he was speedy on the basketball court, kind of skip galloping from one key to the other.  Some of our good friends were his coaches which made the experience great.

This was Eli's second year playing.  He had the same coaches as last year and really developed during the season.  He also tried out for the 5th/6th grade boys team at school.  At first he didn't make the team and was crushed.  It was a really difficult life lesson.  And while I know it's character building to learn that you don't always make the team and that there's always people who are better than you, it broke my heart to see him completely break down after learning the news.  In the end a couple of kids who made the team didn't make grades (that's a whole other rant), and so Eli narrowly secured a spot.  It was a fun season all in all for him.

Sariah played for a second year also.  She was one of the very few girls in the league but you wouldn't know it by her skill level.  She had a blast and lives to play sports.  I'm always harping on her to put down the ball and do her homework, or piano, or chores, or not to bounce it in the house.  I may or may not have threatened to put a butcher knife through the basketballs if she didn't get her jobs at home done in a more timely fashion.

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