Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3 Months Old

Ok, truth be told I think this picture was taken closer to 4 months, but hey, life is crazy.  This sweet girl is so stinking adorable.  We love her to pieces.  Her cheeks are seriously smooshy and not a day goes by that I can resist tickle kissing them.  Roobs, as she's affectionally called by the kids, is incredibly easy going, and until recently has been the best sleeper ever.  She smiles and laughs at us all the time and is very social.  She loves "playing" with her older siblings and is already trying to sit up!  She's a slice of heaven in my days of crazy and has brought a calming influence to our home after three rambunctious boys in a row.  She sticks her tongue out constantly and is wearing size 12 months!  This happy girl is the best little blessing!

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