Friday, January 3, 2014


Soccer pretty much dominated our family schedule August through October.  It was busy, but really fun, both for the kids, and for this soccer mom.  This was a new league here in Mountain House, and on the whole, we had a great experience.  Meilani opted to sit out soccer this season and was my number 1 babysitter during the early morning and nap time games when little brothers didn't want to sit at the soccer field.  I really loved watching Eli, Sariah, and Liam grow in their athletic abilities and challenge themselves to to better.

Eli's age division ended up being kids 10 through 15 so the age spread was huge and the skill level quite varied (not to mention that some of those big kids were really big).  It was a challenge for the younger players to go up against older kids, but Eli held his own and progressed a lot.

Liam enjoyed the social aspect of soccer more than the competitive aspect.

I continually yelled at him to stop talking on the field!  He had fun though and loved his team and coach.  

On the last game of the season his team wore mohawks with hair and face paint.  That brought out Liam's agressive side and he played better than he had all season, earning the arm band from coach.

Go Blackhawks!

Sariah played goalie a good portion of the season, and she was a beast!

She loves soccer so much and was on a great team.  

She's got a mean kick and is fierce on the field.  Her coach was great about teaching her and pushing her to improve.

Her team won the championship in a very heated final game.

At one game she got the team ball for saving 13 balls.

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