Monday, January 27, 2014

Ruby's Surgury

At the end of October, Ruby Ru had surgery to repair a ureter seal.  The hardest part of the entire ordeal was keeping her from eating prior to the procedure.  Everything went well and quickly.  They went in laparoscopicly so there were no incisions to care for.  Time will tell whether she'll need a second surgery when she's closer to 2.  For now we wait and keep up on her daily antibiotic.  

Waiting to go in.  She was starving so Ben had to hold her.

Coming out of the anesthesia.  The nurses told us to just sit down nearby and wait until she came to on her own.  We followed instructions and waited quietly.  Later the nurses overheard us mention the other kids.  When they found out Ruby's our lucky #7, they said "no wonder you're so calm!"  Apparently most parents don't follow the instructions well.

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