Monday, January 27, 2014

Ammon's Birthday

Ammon turned 2 on November 7th.  We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse in his honor.  It's hard to believe that he's not our baby anymore!  He's so full of energy and all boy!  He challenges our parenting skills frequently but his big puppy dog eyes and devilish smile melt our hearts, and tempers sometimes, in the blink of an eye.  He's clearly the product of tired parents because I know we're (ok, I'm) much less strict in our discipline than we were with just one or two kids.  I think part of it is that there's just so much more going on at our house now that a toddler walking around on the counter is a minor deal by comparison.  
Yes indeedy, here's the proof.  Don't I look quite unconcerned?  I think also that Ammon believes with every fiber of his being that he's much older than he actually is and can't understand why we don't let him do certain things like, say, drive the car, go for walks alone, or cook dinner.  He's an opinionated little bugger for sure.  We're confident that he won't be pushed around when he's older.  I love his chubby cheeks and soft budah belly.  They are extraordinarily kissable.  And in the quiet moments when we snuggle and sing songs, or read together, I'm a pile of mush grateful to be the mommy of this rugged, filthy, sassy little brute. 

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