Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Final Days

The final days of pregnancy...where everyday feels like a month!
Those last few weeks were brutal, like, I'm talking, seriously rough.  I hurt everywhere.  The week that I thought I'd for sure have this baby I lounged around in my pajamas trying to will my body to go into labor.  Alas the days turned into weeks and so finally, after my due date passed and no hope was in sight, I started purging.  It was a slow process since I could barely move or stay in one position for very long, but those last couple of weeks Ben and I spent a goodly amount of time de-junking our house.  We took probably 40 bags to DI or Goodwill, in several loads.  Every single closet or drawer in our house was reorganized and it felt good.  I organized all the baby clothes and hand-me-downs, even pre-washing the new clothes we'd received as gifts, and was probably more ready for this baby than any other baby I've ever had.  I thought, finally! real nesting has set in!  labor will commence!  But no.  I just went to bed sore every night.  At least my house was clean!  My in-laws paid, as a baby gift, for cleaning ladies to come.  When I initially scheduled the appointment I thought for sure I'd have a baby when they got there.  But I didn't.  It was nice though to put my feet up for those last couple days in a spiffed up home.

End of July after church

7/27, my due date.  We went for a long drive to have the infamous Preggo Pizza from Skipolini's.  It's supposed to put you into labor.  Good pizza.  No labor.

Kaiser finally agreed to induce me on Friday 8/2.  We went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen with the whole fam the night before.

Check out the cankles!

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