Monday, September 16, 2013

Ruby Lehua Fobert

Our precious Ruby Lehua Fobert made her tardy arrival on Saturday, August 3, 2013 at 3:16 am.  It was my longest and most difficult labor.  Ruby was pretty content in her womb home and was not showing any signs of relocating, so we went in for a scheduled induction on Friday 8/2.  My appointment was at 2:00 pm but when I called the hospital to get the green light to come in, they said I had to wait and call back because they were really busy.  I was pretty disappointed as I was all showered and ready to go.  Ben had come home from work so we could make our way to the hospital so the extra wait time was a little unnerving.  When I called back a couple hours later they told me to come in at 4:00 pm.  Ben gave me a comforting priesthood blessing just before we left.  In the car on the way there he and I had a few tender moments together as we reflected on this amazing journey of parenthood.  The details are pretty private but I want to remember that moment when I look back and read this someday.  Ben and I were both in tears, unified as husband and wife and thankful for the charge we've been blessed with to rear 7 special spirits sent to us from a loving Heavenly Father.  

We arrived at the hospital at 3:30 pm and then got to wait quite a bit more.  Apparently they were really really busy because they didn't get around to starting my IV until close to 6:30 pm.  The IV was very uncomfortable this time and was positioned such that I had to keep my wrist bent in a certain way to keep the monitor from alarming.  Kind of annoying, but I was glad to "get the ball rolling."  The contractions came on pretty quickly once they finally started the pitocin.  Knowing my history of incredibly fast labors I opted for the epidural as soon as the contractions became uncomfortable.  The anesthesiologist came in and got me all hooked up but while he was working the stupid iv monitor kept alarming so my nurse, who frequently disappeared and was generally unhelpful, turned the entire thing off, which, of course, caused the contractions to stop completely.  On the computer screen in my room we could see the contractions that every other woman in the hospital was having so we knew they were busy but it seemed that they were intentionally playing with my pitocin levels, not increasing them regularly, to ensure that I delivered at a convenient time for them.  Late in the evening there was a shift change and once I got a new nurse they started increasing the pitocin every 30 minutes.  It took a long time for my contractions to get regular again though as the epidural was in full force.  I tried to rest in between contractions.  I had a great epidural (for which I'll forever be grateful!) but was still pretty uncomfortable.  The midwife who was on duty was new to Kaiser and so had a supervising midwife working with her.  They were both nice.  I explained that this was my 7th child, that I have fast labors, that I am pretty calm during labor, that I'm a good pusher, and that they better listen to me!  I think they got a kick out of my spunkiness.  

Finally in the wee hours of the morning after an afternoon and evening of intermittent labor, it was time to push.  That's when things got a little scary for me.  I felt the all knowing urge to push but the new midwife checked me and said I was only at an 8.  The nurses and midwives hung around for a few minutes then started to leave the room assuming "show time" was a ways off.  Knowing that this baby was coming soon an not wanting them to leave, I restated my need to push and had the midwife check me again.  She still maintained that I was only at an 8 but told me I could bear down a little if it helped.  I thought "screw this" and proceeded to push Ruby out.  I was past ready to be done and was tired of them messing around with me.  The senior midwife then exclaimed as I pushed through the next contraction "Oh wow, I guess we're having a baby here!"  The new midwife then told me to stop pushing as she didn't have her gloves on yet.  I ignored her.  I kept pushing and finally they knew I meant business.  

All of my previous babies came out within three pushes so I panicked a little when our little chub didn't slither right out like the rest of her siblings.  Ben kept encouraging me but his normal confident grin was replaced this time with a sense of urgency and a look of panic on his face.  He looked down and said "don't stop pushing!"  Ruby got a little stuck around the shoulders and the midwife had to push and pull with what felt like all her might to get her to come out one shoulder at a time.  My mom told me later that the new midwife looked a little nervous herself and that the senior midwife started to glove up just as Ruby finally made it through.  Getting that kid out of me was, seriously, the greatest sense of relief I've ever experienced!  They put Ruby on my chest and although I don't remember it now, Ben says I called her a little punk.  A cute plump little punk, though.  I was so happy to hold her and to live to tell another birth story.  She was clearly big at first glance, but we were all pretty astounded when they finally weighed her in at 11 pounds, 2 ounces, and 22 inches long!  

Just arriving at the hospital, waiting to meet baby.

Our chubby girl in her new born glory.

Sweet relief!

Dad cutting the cord.

She's got the cutest pout face!

Daddy admiring our work.

Weighing in...

drumroll please...

The nurse weighed her twice because she was sure it was wrong.  Nope, 11 lbs, 2 oz.  The nurses and midwives were pretty shocked that I didn't tear at all, especially since I started pushing prematurely.

Already in love with our newest bundle!

Later that morning the kids came for a visit sporting "It's a girl" stickers from See's candy.  

Ammon's first inspection of his new sister.

Eli was so excited to hold her.

Liam too.  He was really fascinated with the whole idea of birth and was intrigued with the umbilical cord and the amniotic sac.  He really wanted to come to the delivery but settled for pictures.

Seth kept saying "she's so cute!"

Sariah was so happy to finally get her baby sister!

Ammon was cute with her.  He kept trying to push the other kids out of the chair so he could have another turn holding her.

And Meilani was, of course, a natural.

First family pic.  Ben couldn't get over how big our family looks.

The kids brought this sign to the hospital for Ruby.

Finally, I have a bow headed girl!

Heading home

Things were, as expected, a little chaotic when we got home.  Grandmom, Papaw, and Auntie were at the house waiting for us and the kids were all in rare form from me being gone.  Seth had a hard time without mommy for a few days.  Everytime I talked to him he kept saying "When are you coming home?"

Once the kids went to bed and the visitors left, Dad got in some snuggle time.


eclaires said...

Congratulations! You always document everything so well... the pictures are great. :)

Farley Smiles said...

(3rd try at a comment, sorry if there is duplicates!) I just cried as I read this, I love it even if she was a punk! I've been trying to find a moment to give you a call for the last few weeks, we should chat soon!