Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kid Pics

We were due for some new pictures of the kids.  We (we meaning I) decided to do a photo shoot just a few days after Ruby came home.  No one was pleased with the decision.  Why is taking pictures such a difficult task?  I sure wish I had more know how in the photography department because I can't figure out why some shots turn out great and others not so much.  At the end of the day, I'm saving time and money, and I think my kids are pretty darn adorable even if the lighting and editing is sub-par.

Meilani, age 12

Eli, age 10

He was a little cheeky this day and wasn't wanting to cooperate at all.

Sariah, age 8

Liam, age 6

Seth, age 3

Ammon, 21 months

This is how we bribed him to sit still and smile.

Ruby, 5 days old.


The Trumpsters said...

Ummm, why did I just pay $90 for crappy school pics that are requiring retakes that I still won't love?!?! Would much rather have handed you $100- you know in all your free time ;) These turned out great! Cute kids!

Farley Smiles said...

I love the pictures, I don't know what you are complaining about! I can't believe how grown up both of the girls look, Meilani is looking like a teenager!

Katie said...

Those all look so great! :)