Saturday, August 24, 2013


Meilani got to go to Girls Camp for the first time this summer.  She was so incredibly nervous and excited for MONTHS leading up to camp.  She asked me questions constantly about what it would be like.  I answered the best I could having never attended Girls Camp in our stake before, so when my answers were no longer sufficient she then asked the other young women in our ward her long list of questions.  She had her packing list items laid out on the floor of her room, in the order they appeared on the packing list, for several days before it was actually time to pack.  It was pretty cute to see her so excited about something.  Back when we were thinking of getting pregnant again I asked Meilani if she'd be sad if I wasn't able to go to camp, knowing there was no way I'd be invited if I was pregnant.  Meilani responded that she didn't want to hurt my feelings, but that she didn't really want me to go.  She wanted to go alone and experience being away from home for the first time all by herself.  I'm pretty proud of my girl.  She had a great week and from what I hear from my friends who were there as leaders, she soaked up every second of the camp experience with a smile on her face.

Our friends the Trumps moved back to CA just in the nick of time for Sierra to go to camp with Meilani.  These two have been buds since they were 2!

All the young women from our ward with our Bishop.  I love these girls so deeply!  It's a joy to see them grow and mature and gain testimonies of the gospel for themselves.

While Meilani was gone my mom put on her own little Grammy Camp for the younger kids, complete with camp shirts!  She took the kids for several days which was intended to give me time to organize my house before Ruby came along.  I was so physically and mentally exhausted those last weeks of pregnancy however that I didn't do much besides sleep and relax.  Ben and I went out to dinner for three nights in a row and watched old episodes of Survivor at night.  It was really nice to just be still for a few days.  I think I most enjoyed the thinking space it gave me to ponder and reflect.

One day my Dad brought his big truck over to Grammy Camp for the kids to see.

Also this summer each big kid got to have a special sleep over at Grammy's all by themselves.  Here's Eli.




and Seth

I sure love my mom and appreciate the help and support she lends.


Megan said...

Love this post!!

Katie said...

You have such an awesome family! Love and miss you all! :)

The Trumpsters said...

This is so awesome! Love that our girls got to go together- crazy to think they've been friends that long- they seem kind of like us that they just pick up where they left off :) Your mom is so great, how fun for you and your kids! I hope I'm that kind of grandma!