Saturday, July 13, 2013


Liam was our only baseball player this year, which was a-okay with me.  I love t-ball.  The one hour games.  The low key once a week practices.  Yeah, love t-ball.  Any level higher than that and I'm so over it.  Liam had fun and was on a team with lots of his friends from church and school.  Liam surprised us a bit with his ability to do pretty well on the field, especially considering we never once played catch or practiced batting with him all season long.  He hit the ball the majority of the time when it was pitched to him by his coach .  It's so sweet to see his big little body move on the field.  It's like his brain knows what to do, and his 6 year old limbs are trying to keep up.  His coach says he's built to play, and maybe that's true.  It will be fun to see him grow in athletic ability as his gross motor skills develop.  For now, I just want to kiss those chubby dirty cheeks peeking out from under that helmet!

This was the last game of the season.  It was probably the hottest day of the year and our team had a double header at 12 and 1:30.  We were dying, but our little guy pushed through the sweat and tired.

I think the sunglasses helped.

Notice the lack of belt, socks, and hat.  Yeah, that's how we roll.  I never could seem to find all those accessories when we're running out the door, despite constantly nagging Liam to put them away in the same spot after his games.  Oh well, he's cute anyway.

Teem cheer!

Ready to high five the other team.

Seth enduring the heat by pouring water on his head.

Getting his award at a pizza party following the last game.  Liam has been on Coach Aaron's team for several seasons now.  He does a great job with the kids.

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