Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sariah's Birthday Party

Sariah's birthday falls right as the end of the school year hoopla begins so once again we decided to have a summer fun belated birthday party rather than add another thing to our calendar during the crazy months.  This year I really didn't feel up to cleaning my house and having a bunch of kids over so we planned to have an outing party and eventually settled on a swim party (it was WAY cheaper than the indoor trampoline place).  Sariah invited a few friends over for pizza and cake then we packed up our bus and headed to the local high school pool for recreational swim.  All the kids had a blast and said it was the best party ever.  I'd have to agree!  The kids all had fun in the pool and every single one of them got brave enough by the end of the day to take the swim test so they could jump off the diving board.  I was pretty proud of all of them and even enjoyed hanging out in the water myself!  It's truly the only place right about now that my back doesn't hurt from baby Ruby.

I love these kids and am so thankful that Sariah has good friends she can lean on as she gets older.

I'm thinking swim party every year!

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