Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sariah's Baptism

My spunky Sariah turned 8 on April 29th and was baptized on May 4th.  This girl was so ready to be baptized and was looking forward to the occasion for quite some time.  It seems like just yesterday she was toddling around saying funny things like "I cooking," and now my girl is growing up and exercising her agency to make covenants.  In our church, the person being baptized has an interview with a priesthood leader prior to baptism to be sure that the individual understands the covenants they are making with God by choosing to be baptized as well as a testimony of the basic doctrines of the gospel.  The priesthood leader who interviewed Sariah is a good friend of ours and asked what we did to prepare her, which was very little, because he thought we coached her beforehand, as she was so confident.  It makes me so pleased to see my children find the same joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ that both Ben and I know.  We're frequently encouraging our kids to ask Heavenly Father for themselves if the things we teach are true.  I don't want them growing up depending on our word alone.  Sariah definitively has a testimony herself and loves to get up in Fast and Testimony Meeting to share what she knows to be true.  The baptismal service was so peaceful and simple.  The Spirit was really strong and tears flooded my eyes as we sang the opening song and were reminded of great love our Savior Jesus Christ has for us.  It was a perfect day!    
After looking for baptism dresses online one night I  realized quickly that I needed Sariah's input.  When it came time to deciding, I initially thought she chose the most plain looking dress.  When it arrived in the mail however, we both immediately fell in love.  The dress was perfect for her and I loved seeing her feel beautiful on her special day.

Ben baptized Sariah and performed the ordinance where she received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  It was a really lovely blessing where Sariah was told that Heavenly Father knows her well and her desire to be different.  She was encouraged to share her happiness, to be different by following the gospel and the Holy Ghost, to be an influence for good at school, to be a missionary as a member of the church, and as a full time missionary, according to her desire.  She was counseled that the best work she can do is to teach her future children the gospel and to choose a companion to take her to the temple and to raise a righteous posterity.  She was also promised that she will be able to keep the feeling of peace from her baptism day with her as the memories fade.  It was a sacred experience to be there and to listen to the words a loving Heavenly Father wanted his young daughter to know.

Newest member!

Sariah and her good friend Taylah shared their baptism day.  They've been buddies since Preschool days!

Ammon putting the moves on his little friend Zoey.

The whole family in attendance.  We gathered for lunch and a little after party following the baptismal service.

Our growing family.  To say "I love them," doesn't adequately express my heart's fullness.

My attempt at a baptism dress cake.

Singing "Happy Birthday."

New skates from Grandmom

New Scriptures from Grammy and Titi

New hymnbook from Mutti and Abba

New shoes and clothes from Papaw

I think Sariah and Eli had a post party photo shoot because I don't remember taking these.

They sure love each other!

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