Saturday, July 13, 2013

May Miscellaneous

Doughnut Days with the littles.

Dinner for Sariah's birthday at Red Robin.

This boy is mischievous beyond belief but oh so cute first thing in the morning.

Playing with Henry is one of Ammon's favorite pastimes.

Playing outside

Sariah and I went to a mother-daughter dinner for Activity Days.  It was a fun night just the two of us.

I helped chaperone for Liam's Kindergarten field trip to the Oakland Zoo.

Mother's Day weekend we made a quick stop at Shadow Cliffs to beat the heat.

Liam recieved an Accelerated Reader Award at school.  He was pretty proud of himself and is really doing great with his reading skills.

Breaking in the season passes to Great America.

The three little boys and I did a lot of waiting for Dad and the big kids.

Our stroller broke on the way into the park, so we had to rent one.  Liam entertained Seth and Ammon by giving them fast stroller rides while tired mommy sat in the shade.

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