Sunday, April 28, 2013

Father/Daughter Dance

Our Ward Young Women hosted a Father/Daughter Dance in February for a mutual activity.  It was a fun night and I was lucky that I could be there to spy on my own husband and daughter since I'm in Young Womens.  A sister in our ward with a degree in dance education came and taught a couple of numbers.  I loved seeing the girls really enjoy themselves with their Dads.  And some of the Dads were quite entertaining with their moves!  At the request of Meilani, Ben was on his best behavior and kept the antics at bay so as not to embarrass her.

I love these two and am thankful everyday that my children have the love and influence of a righteous and caring father in their lives, something I craved at Meilani's age.  

All the girls showing off their line dance skills to the dads.

All the Father/Daughter combos in attendance.

After the dance Ben wanted to take Meilani to dinner.  At first she wasn't so keen on this idea.  I couldn't figure out why.  She was worried about people seeing her.  Oh dear, the teenage years are just about upon us!  In the end with some...ahem, encouraging from mom, she went and had a great time with her Dad.  They went for Vietnamese food, Meilani and Ben's favorite.

Since I had my camera handy, us Young Women leaders snapped a shot to be included in our yearly history.  From left to right, me; Amy Cramer, secretary; Lise DiMartino, Beehive Adviser; Shanna Wagstaff, first counselor; Mindy Peterson, Mia Maid Adviser; Jodi Larson, second counselor; and Cindy Folsom, Laurel Adviser.  These women are truly wonderful, beautiful, women of God.  They support me and the young women we serve with great diligence and my life is continually enriched from the experiences we share together.  I love them and learn from them all the time!

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