Sunday, April 28, 2013

Family Party

We had a family dinner to celebrate Eli and Liam's February birthdays.

Sethie sure loves Grandmom.  He's made it his responsibility to help her to and from the bathroom anytime she's over visiting.  He even waits patiently on the stairs for her to finish so he can help her back to her seat.  So sweet.

Liam has been dying to have a rolling backpack.  I hate the stupid things but he was sure happy to get one.

Papaw and Ammon

Eli opening gifts.

He was estatic to get the requested neon nike's he'd been eyeing.  He even got a neon orange shirt to match.

Liam's new fast runners.

Liam got some animal masks from Mutti and Abba that we all found entertaining.

Trying on brothers shoes.

I thought this was a fun shot.  The suck in right before the wish.

Messiest eater, exhibit B.

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