Monday, April 8, 2013

December This and That

One Sunday we had a down pour during church.  The parking lot was so flooded that the sweet little old ladies couldn't get to their cars.  I'm so glad to be married to the man who quite literally rolled up his sleeves (well pant legs in this case) to clear the drain so everyone could get home dry.  

Family trip to the temple to see the Christmas lights.  

The little boys were pretty enamored with the Christus statue despite the fact that the missionaries were trying to start a tour.

Sariah at her second grade Christmas concert.  She was pretty adorable to watch.  She was into it!

Liam at his Kindergarten concert.  He was adorable.  

Eli had a main part in his 4th grade class' Christmas play.  He was the goose and had some great one liners!  It was gueniuenly hysterical to watch.  

I loved seeing his self confidence as he really enjoyed the entire experience.

Meilani at her band concert.  

Sariah was student of the month for Caring.  So proud of her!!!

With her teacher.

Eli getting an award for good grades.

Meilani too.

The Ward Christmas Party.  Ben had school so he was absent but we had a nice time.

Putting in the orders with Santa.  Sariah thought she was too old for a sit.

Seth was happy with a candy cane and a safe viewing distance.  

Liam was the most enthusiastic.  He had quite a lengthy chat with Santa.

Winco wouldn't be complete without a trip to the bathroom.  They boys were enjoying the hand dryer this day.

Cleaning the carpet with helpers.  Kind of counter productive.  I frequently wish that Ammon had a healthy fear of the vacuum like normal toddlers.  He doesn't.  He's always so happy when I get it out.

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