Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beach and Tide Pools

After having so much fun at Mimmie and Tompa's beach we decided we needed a full day of sand and sun, so on January 2nd we packed a picnic lunch and headed out to Pescadero State Beach to see some tide pools and play in the sand.  Since our family moves like a herd of turtles, we didn't time our trip well enough to see much tide pool action, but we all had a blast watching the huge waves crash on the rocks.  We took a little walk along the beach trail and were able to see some sea lions playing and basking in the sun on some rocks.  It was a great day!

Meilani was nervous for everyone, yelling out cautions to the kids who were brave enough to walk down to closer to the water.

Pointing at the sea lions.

Ammon was loving the sand!

At the end of our day we had fun playing in the waves on the beach.  Everyone was pretty well soaked by the time we left, but we couldn't have asked for better weather!

There were a bunch of these forts built along the beach that the kids liked checking out.  Apparently they hold Science Camp here the students build these forts as part of the experience.  We had fun exploring one.

Sariah, chucking an orange she found into the sea.  It kept coming back to her and she'd throw it again and again.

My loves.

When we were leaving we couldn't find Seth's shoes.  We had told all the kids to put their shoes together on a log.  Seth found his own log about a yard away from the rest of us.

Daddy the sherpa, heading back to the car.

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