Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ammon Antics

Ammon sure keeps me on my toes these days.  He's FULL of personality...and opinions.  He is rather difficult to contain and can be demanding at times, but his cuteness sure makes up for his more challenging moments.  I love to tickle and squish his little cheeks with kisses.  Here's a few random examples of his daily antics.

With 5 older siblings, he thinks he's bigger than he is.  Sariah helped him feel included in big kid bike riding one afternoon.

Constantly trying to run onto the track at the Pinewood Derby.

For the last couple of months at church we've laid him down for a nap (after a significant struggle in the rocking chair in the mother's lounge) in the Primary room where Ben teaches the little kids singing.  He lays behind the piano and we create a makeshift blanket out of Ben's coat and the chair covers.  Pretty funny.

This boy is hands down, our messiest eater.  And to top it all off, he refuses to wear a bib.  

Mac & Cheese Shampoo anyone?

Nope, not oreos, he was dipping a toothbrush into dirt from a potted plant in our courtyard, then giving the teeth a good dirtying.

I tried to give him a Sees sucker to keep him awake until we made it home after errands one day.  Alas, I lost and ended up with a sleeping sticky boy.  Ammon 2:  Mom 0

Serving dinner.  Such a helpful child.

I'm less than thrilled that he can now climb onto the table.  He's getting better at climbing the bar stools too.  Not looking forward to the ER trip that is bound to be in our future with this monkey around.

Window gazing one day after bath time.

Those big brown eyes are pretty much to die for.  

Playing peek-a-boo on my bed.  Love to snuggle this little chunk.

Seth had to get in on the photo action!

This boy has had a snotty nose pretty much since birth.  It seems we're always just coming down with, or getting over, something.  Poor guy.  Poor mommy!

Trying out the new stroller we bought before our Disney trip.  Ironically enough, he pitched an enormous fit every single time we tried to put him in it while we were gone.  More to come on that!

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