Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Festivities

Halloween always creeps up fast.  And I'm always so glad when it's over.  It seems everyone wants to host a Halloween carnival and our Octobers are filled to the brim with activities.  Here's a quick recap.
At the Ward Fall Festival.  Ben, Meilani and Ammon met the rest of us there after Meilani's soccer game.  The kids were off and running while I helped the youth set up carnival booths so I didn't get a picture of the whole troop.

At the school Carnival.  Liam changed his mind about what he wanted to be every time we went somewhere.  This night he sported Ammon's pumpkin costume.  Yeah, just a smidgen too small!

Ammon was not happy sitting in the stroller and ran all over the school.

Waiting to watch the kids in the Halloween parade at school.

Seth and his buddy Colton

Sariah waiting to join the parade

Eli and his friend who's a girl Angyleca

Liam surprised me Halloween morning with his choice to be a pirate and so I dug through the Halloween costume boxes for the umpteenth time this season.

Our pumpkin

Eli in the parade

Meilani and her fellow pirate friend Zharra in the parade.

Ammon kept trying to join in with the big kids.

Carving pumpkins on Halloween afternoon

Here's Seth's contribution.  Poor guy.

Our little Woody

The Rockstar

Mr. Sumo Wrestler

Pirate Girl

Pirate Boy

Meilani was less than thrilled that Liam "stole" her idea.

The whole gang


Not a fan of the hat.  He did this all night and ended up loosing the hat while trick or treating which I was really sad about.  I made this pumpkin costume for Meilani's first Halloween.  It was my first solo sewing success and it's had a lot of Halloween miles on it.

But I can't get too upset with that cherubic face!

We enjoyed dinner and trick or treating with friends and this Mama was happy to call Halloween 2012 a wrap.  Bring on the Turkey.

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