Thursday, November 1, 2012

General Conference Weekend

General Conference Weekends are my most favorite weekends of the entire year!  We stay home in our jammies, watch uplifting and encouraging messages from our church leaders, cook, eat, and spend quality family time together.  It's so lovely to have an excuse to stay home and just be together.  

We had crepes for breakfast on Sunday morning.  Ammon had some and was a glistening mess afterwards.

We used these treat jars for one of the sessions to get the kids to focus on the speakers.  We decided if we do this again we're going to pick more obscure words.  These ones were too easy and the kids were getting candy every five seconds.

The kids parked themselves right in front of the jars for easy access.  I love the fingerprints all over the TV in this picture.  True representation!

Mutti and Abba brought dinner over Sunday afternoon so we could celebrate Ben's birthday.  

The kids spent the weekend building forts and towers with the couch cushions with the hum of Conference in the background.  

A weekend that memories are made of!  So many great talks at General Conference.  I was completely uplifted and felt the influence of the Spirit as I listened.  Here's my favorite: The First Great Commandment, by Elder Holland.

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