Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pine Mountain Lake

This summer we rented a cabin on Pine Mountain Lake again.  This year Mutti and Abba and Tom and Mandi and their kids, came with us.  Planning and packing for 11 kids and 6 adults is a bit of a challenge, but we had a blast!  We had a great cabin right on the lake and enjoyed a few days full of fun and sun, then spent the evenings watching the Olympics on TV which was a nice treat since we don't have cable at home.  Ammon was sick again during this trip with an ear infection and so he was pretty irritable most of the time, insisting that Ben or I hold him at all times, but his fussiness didn't seem to keep any of the other kids from enjoying endless playtime with their cousins.  

Checking out the dock as soon as we checked into our cabin.

Eli trying out the canoe

Sariah's turn

The kids had so much fun that first evening we arrived, jumping off the dock and swimming right outside our cabin.  It was really great to be on the lake.

Jackson and Eli

Kalea on the canoe

Seth mastered the art of peeing standing up while we were at the lake (he hadn't been able to do it before then).  At one point, he dropped his drawers at the beach and proceeded to pee right in front of another family's blanket.  We're still working on proper outdoor peeing etiquette!

Pretty proud of himself.

Jett throwing rocks

These two were pretty excited about seeing the rocks hit the water.

Ben, taking a dip with the kids.

Liam trying to paddle with help from Daddy.

Meilani had a go too.

This is pretty much how Ammon and I spent the two days at the beach.  Ben and I would tag team it with holding duty while the other one cooled off in the water.

Not too interested in playing.  Poor guy.  He's still as cute as can be!

Liam sporting his cast cover so he could play in the water.

Jett and Keani looking for fish.

Sethie too.

Ben rented a sail boat for a few hours and took each of the kids out for a ride.

Pam took a ride as well.

Abba took a turn baby holding so Ben and I could squeeze in a sail.

Sweet boys

Trying to surf



Sariah, Jett and Kai


Our crew

Keani watching the birds

Sun bathing on the dock.




Kalea chickened out.

Ben's turn!

Mr. blue eyes.

Tom teasing Kalea.  She tried to push him off.

She didn't try that again.

I told the kids I pay five dollars to whoever could push Uncle Tom in.  Eli took the challenge.

I kept my money.

Floating with my little fellas.

Seth and Ammon

Keani in her floating flower.

Mandi scoping out the scene.

Ben the water taxi.

Sariah loved that boogie board.

Kai chillaxin'

Sariah's trick:


My Lani

Abba testing out the water.

Abba and Mutti taking a turn on the floaties.

My outdoorsey girl

Seth ready for a nap

Ben told the kids about how he and his brothers used to play "king of the dock" on this very dock when they were kids.  

Sisterly love

Sariah's moment of glory.

Short lived!



Jett, Kai, and Seth watching something cool on the ipad.

All the cousins outside our cabin.

Our family

Tom and Mandi's family

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