Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Picture Time

Before our cousins left, we attempted a little photo shoot.  My mother-in-law bought me a white backdrop so that we could save money by just having me take the pictures.  Short version of the story, I'm no professional.  But, I think we still got some cute pictures in the end.  Our kids are adorable if nothing else.

The only half way decent group shot, and it's cropped to an awkward size.  Oh well, ces't la vive!

I have about 200 shots more like this.

Meilani, 11 years old

Eli, 9 years old

 Sariah, 7 years old

Liam, 5 years old

Seth, 2 years old

Ammon, 9 months old

Keani, 2 years old

Kai, 6 years old

Jackson, 9 years old

Kalea, 11 years old

Jett, 4 years old 

Meilani and Kalea, holding a picture of themselves as babies.

Tom Fobert kids

Ben Fobert kids

Some day, when I have more time, in another season of life, I'd love to take some photography classes.  For now, I'll keep snapping pictures of my kids and maybe hire a professional next time we need a big group shot.

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