Monday, September 24, 2012

Oregon Cousins

The Friday afternoon of Labor Day weekend I got a call from Ben's favorite cousin Niki.  She casually asked if we had plans for the weekend, which we quickly changed when she informed me of the plan for her family to come stay with us for a quick weekend trip!  These crazy kids hopped in the car Friday night after work, drove all night, got to our house at around 4:30 am on Saturday, slept for a few hours, then we all packed it up for a fun filled day at Great America.  We were at the park for 11 hours and squeezed every last bit of fun out of the day.  It was really a blast.  Our two families are just kindred spirits.  Even though our kids don't match up age wise, everyone gets along so well and we are incredibly compatible.  Sunday we went to church then relaxed at home and played some mean hide and seek in the dark.  After a leisurely morning on Monday, and a quick trip to In and Out for lunch, our cousies were headed home just in time for work on Tuesday.  I love these crazy Allens!  Can't wait till they surprise us again.  Only I think it's our turn to make the trek to Oregon next time!

At the front gate ready for some fun!

The kids, minus Joey, he had to stay home to work.

We all took turns manning the little kids while the "big kids" rode the coasters.  Ben was a trooper and let me do a lot of "big kid" rides since it's my off year being pregnant.  LOL!

We love the Demon!  I paid Liam 2 bucks to ride with me and he loved it.  I love this picture because you can see how much fun we have being together.

The whole gang.

Trying not to go broke on food at an amusement park with 10 kids in tow is a challenge.  We had a couple snack sessions where we all shared and everyone was happy and full.  We didn't want to waste time on eating when there were roller coasters to ride!

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