Monday, September 10, 2012

Colorado Cousins

Ben's brother Tom came to visit with his family.  Our kids were beyond excited to spend some time with "the cousins."  First stop was a BBQ at our family friends the Welters:

Dan at the BBQ

Mandi and Kai having a poolside chat

Jackson and Eli

Uncle Tommy tickles

Keani girl

Boys and  trucks, nothing better

Jett with a little jet lag

Ben making waves in the pool for the kids.

The Welters, Mark snuck out before we got out the camera.

Tom and Mandi with Tom's high school buddy Larry and his wife Kim.

Second stop: Mimmie and Tompa's house in the city.  Pam, Norm, Uncle Aaron, his girlfriend Tiffany, and Tiffany's mom Connie met us for dinner.  We all had a nice visit with Mimmie, Tompa, and Uncle Kevin.

All the cousins in front on Mimmie and Tompa's porch.

Headed to Mimmie and Tompa's park.


Eli and Jackson, who couldn't be more alike.

Sariah and Liam on the chair swings.

Mutti and Seth getting pushed by Uncle Aaron.

Meilani, in my sweatshirt, thank you very much.

Meilani and Kalea

Jett and his tree.  He carried that twig around all day!


Tiffany and the kids on the climbing structure.

Uncle Aaron showing off

Sweet Sariah

More A-fo-bay...

too big for the playground.

Ammon and Ben


Liam and Kai

The big 4

Meilani and Kalea

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Katie said...

That last picture almost looks like Meilani and her cousin could be sisters!