Saturday, August 25, 2012

Swim Lessons

We kicked off summer with a month of swimming lessons, courtesy of Mutti and Abba.  It was nice to get out every day and soak up some sunshine and the kids all really progressed in their swimming skills.  All my kiddos love the water and I love that they love it.  Ben and I do too, so it's something we can all enjoy together.

Meilani took a diving class the first session.

Sariah grew much more confident in the water. 

Liam is our fish!

Seth was too young for swim lessons, but protected Ammon from the other kids at the pool.  He kept saying "That's my baby," whenever other kids would get close.

Eli mastered all the strokes.

One session Sariah and Liam were in the same class.  It was fun to watch them compete with one another.

Happy spectator

Meilani kept attempting to do a back dive but was unsuccessful until the last day.  With a little help from a female lifeguard (I don't think her male teacher felt comfortable getting so hands on) she finally didn't slap her back against the water.

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