Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shadow Cliffs

We spent quite a few afternoons this summer lounging at the local man-made lake.  It's like going to the beach, only not having to pack or drive as much.  I love Shadow Cliffs because it's close, cheap, and we can  spend hours and hours there basking in the sunlight, enjoying the lazy days of summer with our friends.  This particular day the dads joined us beach bummin' mommies for a BBQ dinner and Family Home Evening.  Lots of our friends came and a fun time was had by all.

Digging in the sand.

The dads out for a "man swim."

Angela and Jade.

The boys dug a hole and filled it with water.  They called it the pool.

Big girls out swimming.

Justin and Mikko

Sariah was trying her darndest to stand up on the boogie board.

It won't surprise me if she takes up surfing some day.

Our buddy Sam

Meilani and Abby out in the West's canoe.

Sethie chasing the geese.

Oh how I love the summer time, in all it's sun-shiny sand-diggy glory.

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