Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Father's Day

We had a pretty low key Father's Day.  It was nice and relaxing.  We went to church, then made the rounds to visit the fathers in our lives.
The kids had handmade gifts for Ben and I put this collage together for him to hang in his office.  

 We lounged around at Grandmom's house watching The Blind Side and ate dinner.

My sweet niece Abby

Papaw and his grandbabies

We made one more stop over at Mutti and Abba's house for more chillaxin'.  Sariah and Abba playing a mean game of pick up sticks.

Meilani and Ben trying to help Mutti index family history names.

Abba and his grandkids

Father and son

Cheers to the best husband and father a girl could ask for!  He's a provider and protector.  A guide and anchor.  He loves me and our children more than life itself and works tirelessly everyday with our happiness in mind.  He is my best friend and my forever love.  My dream come true.  More of a man than I could have ever hoped to marry.  I'm one blessed girl.

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Corinne P. said...

Such a cute collage! Looks like you guys and a fun and full father's day!