Sunday, June 10, 2012

May Miscellaneous

The girls finally got haircuts.  Meilani moped one entire day upset that she couldn't get her hair cut that day.  Then when she did get it cut she wouldn't pose for me.  Sariah would though, and was excited to get side bangs and rock star curls.

Liam had his last day of Joy School and is beyond excited to start Kindergarten.  Everyday he asks "how many more days 'till I go to real school?"

Seth helped feed the fish one day.  

Ammon's loving his jumper and gets going pretty high.  This is his hang out while I squeeze in a shower (mostly) everyday.

We went to Open House at the kids' school.  I got a little frazzled in the chaos of the evening and didn't snap pictures of Meilani and Eli in their classrooms but all three have had a fantastic year!

Playing with worms at the park.

Meilani attend a day camp with her Activity Day group.

The teme was "Daughter of a King."  Crazy to think this is the last year she'll attend this camp!  

On a whim our neighbors invited us to check out the solar eclipse with their fancy equipment.  It was pretty cool!

Double swingin' at the park.

Our boys, minus Ammon, went on our ward Father/Son Campout.  Aside from Ben's back going out, they had a blast.  Us girlies and the baby went to dinner with our good friends, then hung out with more friends, then watched movies in my bed.  Actually I fell asleep while the girls watched.  We voted that the boys need to go away more often!

Our rolley polley baby loves his bath!

Making tshirt balloons with Dad's shirts.

The kids love sleeping in Ben's shirts!

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Farley Smiles said...

These just normal everyday pictures make me miss you and your family even more!