Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Foods

Ammon has hit the 6 month mark and is ready for some real food.  First on the menu...

 Dried (sugar coated) mango.  He got a hold of the bag and dumped it in his lap while I was preparing dinner one evening.  He was quite a fan and gnawed away happily while I cooked.

 Next up, Nutella.  Here's to hoping he's not allergic to hazelnuts!

Seth got into the jar and left in on the floor...easy access for Ammon.  Ammon's crawling all over the place at record speed and went straight for the treat at his first opportunity.  "I'm good Mom, I don't need a spoon."

Again, this grabby gertie boy helped himself to a flat of strawberries that were near him on the counter while I had my back turned doing dishes.  Luckily, no hives.

 We decided it was probably time for some rice cereal!  He loved it!

 We hate baby food around here, so the mushy cereal was closely followed by the scrumptious flavored baby puffs.  We're all for finger food!

Keeper of the puffs.

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