Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Faces of Eli

Eli and his class attended Pioneer school earlier this month.  They had to dress like pioneer school children and then visited the old one room Lammersville school house that has been preserved.  I love that our district participates in this program and that the students get to see what it was really like to attend school in 1876.  Eli had fun and was most excited about the pail lunch he brought.  He thought he'd like to take fried chicken and biscuits for lunch, so we had that for dinner the night before so there were left overs for him.   

A couple weeks later, Eli's class did a wax museum.  Each student had to write a biography about an historical figure, then dress up like him/her and stand perfectly still as parents and other students walked through the "museum."  There were a couple of other Abe's there, but our boy was the cutest!  Someone commented on the "costume" which was really just his church suit with a hat and facial hair!  

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