Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baseball Girl

She's the only girl on her team, but she doesn't care.  This chick is one tough ball player.  She loves the game.  And I love watching her play.  After playing mostly outfield for the first half of the season, Sariah told her coach that she wanted to play another position.  He recounted the conversation to me and was extremely reluctant to put Sariah in as pitcher (her preferred position).  Initially she settled to play catcher, then a few games later she was elated when she was give the chance to pitch.  And guess what?  She was pretty darn awesome!  She struck out three players on her first go round.  It was quite exciting to watch.  I'm so proud of Sariah for knowing what she wants, and fighting for her opportunity!  I love this girl.  She so full of spunk and I love every bit of it!

She was awarded the game ball after getting a "home run."  She actually just got a base hit but made it home after several overthrows.  It was so cute watching her team cheer her on!!!

At bat

First time pitching

The tongue, a serious help!

Playing catcher

In the dugout with her teammates.  I know when Sariah's up because of the long hair hanging down below the helmet.  She refuses to have me put it in a pony tail!

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