Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas, Take 5 . . . and Cut.

The kids waiting at the bottom of the stairs to see what Santa's left for them.

The loot, and Dad, ready for action. Santa brought him an i-trip for his car, and he brought me a video camera that's waterproof, and about a quarter the size of the one Ben's holding in this picture. Plus now I can easily download video to the computer and blog! Watch for that!!!

Santa brought Seth a cell phone toy and shopping cart, but he was way more interested in the candy in his stocking. I don't even know how he knew it was candy, because he's never had that kind before. Like a bloodhound! Trace the sent.

Santa brought Liam some more geo trax (remote control trains). Liam was most excited about the book light and flash light in his stocking.

Eli and Sariah each got a DS (thanks to an unexpected Christmas bonus for Santa). When someone asked Sariah about it, she said that Santa bought her DS because he can't make things that have to be turned on. I think Ben told her he doesn't make electronic devices. I can foresee my love/hate relationship with these "toys."

Meilani asked for fish, but Santa wanted her to be surprised, in light of her recent Santa discovery, so he brought her a hamster. She named her Squeekers. It's a long story, but let's just say that Mrs. Claus just about went back to the pet store at the last minute because little Squeekers was biting and hissing at her when she tried to put her in her cage. I tried to explain to Meilani that it would take time for Squeekers to warm up to her, but within and hour, Meilani had that hamster in her lap, petting her, carrying her, picking her up and down! Here's what I know. Prayer works.

All of our family came over for prime rib dinner on Christmas night. Here's Seth sneezing on Uncle Jared. We've sure missed Jared! He and I had a good laugh when Meilani about took off Auntie Lisa's head with Eli's indoor helicopter. It was a near miss, like an inch, and Jared and I were the only witnesses!

Seth and me trying out Liam's plasma car.

Christmas is so stressful for the mama! It's a joyful time of year, and I love it, but I need to find a way to chill out, I think. Deciding what to get everyone, scheduling all the events, making sure we're all remembering and celebrating our Savior, not just the commercial event, getting everything wrapped. It's hard stuff. It's been a great month, but I'm glad it's over. How many months until summer? I'm ready for the sun.


John and Stef said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture of your kids sitting on the stairs was "what cute jammies, where did she get those?" I love that you made them!!

eclaires said...

Danelle and Ben,

Your Christmas looks delightful. Kids smiling, lots of relaxing (for Ben), lots of joy, and lots of craziness. I hope you're recovering well (Ben from surgery and Danelle from a hectic month).

I just have to say that I think Seth is adorable. Sometimes I come to your blog just to look at pictures of him because he's just so darn cute. That smile of his is infectious. :)

Happy New Year!


John and Stef said...

Ha ha Danelle, Yes I up graded to the premium picnik package! I had to...I just take too many pictures. I use our blog as a scrapbook and I really want all my pictures in my book but it would be too long without doing the big collages. The $30/year looks better than how much my scrapbooks and supplies were costing (that's how I convinced John) :) Anyway, I figure I'll give it a shot this year and cancel if I don't like it.
Okay, that ended up being much longer than I meant it to - Sorry!! :)

Corinne P. said...

Amen to your last paragraph. I love Christmas but really! It's a lot of work and stress for us Mrs. Clauses!

P.S. If the hamster doesn't work out I have heard that rats are hands down the BEST kid pet there is. Unfortunately!