Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas, Take 4

Christmas Eve we spent with my family. We lounged at home most of the morning, Ben recuperating, me crafting, and the kids, vegging out on candy and cookies for breakfast in front of the TV. Hey, it's Christmas, right? Then we had brunch with my mom, and then spent the evening at my Grandmom's eating, exchanging gifts, and reading about the birth of Christ in the scriptures. A spectacular night, identical to the many I remember from my childhood. Traditions are great. We are so blessed!

Every year my mom gets us all new jammies that we open on Christmas Eve. This year, she painstakingly MADE us all matching pairs. Are we too cute for words or what?

The gifts were abundant as usual.

We also all get a new ornament every year. I made these this year (tutorial here). I've wanted to make these since last year and ordered the stamp set in plenty of time for me to make them for all my friends, but when the stamp set came, the "R" was flat and wouldn't imprint, resulting in me ruining a good 50 or so washers. Determined to check this craft off my to-do list, I bought more washers and a new stamp set at Michaels since the replacement to the set I had ordered wouldn't have come in time. The Michaels version was too big, so I returned it, and finally scrapped my cute ornament project all together (all the while, Ben was laughing at me, wondering why on earth I'd want to make them in the first place). I did order a replacement stamp set which came before Christmas, but not in time to make these for friends, so alas, on Christmas Eve, I spent all morning stamping metal washers on the floor of my freezing cold garage so that I could at least make them for my family. I didn't want my investment to be a total loss. I think they turned out cute, and it was fun to make them. I was able to make the "ruined" washers work. Imperfections just add character anyway, so "they" say. So now, I'm a professional metal washer stamper! I need to think up more ways to use them so that my skills and remaining washers can be put to use.

Uncle Sam, Sammy, and Sean, making homemade peanut butter ice cream, and getting into trouble, no doubt.

Papaw and Sariah

Auntie and Seth

Me and Meg, with scrapbooking supplies my dad got us. Lots of card making in our near future!

Mom opening Reba tickets for she and Meg from my Dad. Meg was in on the surprise, obviously.

Seth wasn't feeling great and was a bit overwhelmed with all the gifts and people. He bounced from lap to lap, searching for food and snuggles.

Sariah opening a princess art kit from Papaw. The first drawing she made with it? . . . a truck! That's my girl!

A surprised Eli.

Meilani got all ready by herself with no input from me in what to wear, or how to do her hair. I think she looks so beautiful. She's growing into a little lady.

Liam was beyond excited to open his train. He kept saying, "It's just what I wanted." to everything he opened. Glad my pre-Christmas coaching was headed.
The kids got lots of toys and clothes, Ben got a jogging suit and a watch. I got some home decor, a diamond bracelet, and some clothes. We're spoiled!

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