Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas, Take 3

Christmas Eve, Eve, Ben's family came over, and the festivities began. Norm made some scrumptious gourmet mac and cheese (the kids ate the boxed variety) and we had a very relaxing evening exchanging gifts and visiting together.

The kids all opened Pillow Pets from Mimmie and Tompa. From Mutti and Abba, the girls got new jackets, the big boys got new church clothes, and Seth got new shoes and jammies. The four big kids also got gift cards to spend on clothes after Christmas.

All of us Foberts went in to give Mimmie and Tompa an ipad. Mimmie can't go upstairs at home anymore, so Tompa has to print out our blog posts for her to read, and she's been missing out on all those hysterical youtube videos. Now she'll be "in the loop" with the internet at her fingertips!

Tompa playing with the new toy. Seth kept crawling up onto the couch, "saying" something to Tompa, then sliding down, only to climb up and down again and again. He was pretty proud of himself!

Ben and I got some fun kitchen stuff, new table cloths, and some cold hard cash to spend on home decor treasures at Ross, Marshalls, Pier One, etc. Whoever took this picture didn't notice that I was posing with the tablecloths. Oh well.

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