Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Oregon Trail

We finally did it! We made the trip to Oregon to visit Ben's Dad's side of the family. We haven't been to Oregon since Eli was an infant, and have talked about going virtually every vacation or long weekend we've had, yet never made the trek. This trip camp up really suddenly (we decided to go on Wednesday, and left on Friday morning), but hey, sieze the opportunity right? We had an absolute blast hanging out with cousins, and catching up with family. It really was as if no time had passed since our last trip! We spent nearly every waking moment with Ben's favorite cousin, Nikki, and her family. Nikki and Joe have 5 kids too, so obviously the craziness runs in the family! Nikki lives in Great Grandma Fobert's house on the farm that Norm grew up on. We had a blast checking out the old farm equipment he used to use, and seeking for treasures in the collapsed old shed (I made it home with some awesome old window panes!) The kids thought they'd died and gone to heaven with all the open space to play in. There are actually not too many pictures of the older kids, because, well, I hardly saw them the whole trip! We played hard, got dirty, and ate ourselves silly! Truly, truly, a spectacularly fun trip. I'd make it again tomorrow if I could, and that's saying A LOT if you know how I feel about road trips!

The Fobert's (Fo-bear) under Fobert (Fo-bert) Road. We're the uppity, city slicker, Cali cousins! (wink wink).

Seth was DONE with the car for the last 15 minutes of the drive there. It was about 11 hours each way. We actually drove with Abba, Ben's dad, and Ben flew in for the weekend since he couldn't miss work. I really think the drive went smashingly well. Maybe Norm has a different take on it, but I'd travel with him again in a heart beat.

At the Workman family reunion. Norm, Grandma, Aunt Margaret (Norm's sister), Nikki (Margaret's daughter), Joe, and their kids, Ben, me, and our kids.

Grandma has a soft spot for babies, especially boy babies! Seth was loving it! The first time we visited Oregon, Grandma gave my first born baby honey at the breakfast table. I about died, but bit my tongue. This time, I'm a more relaxed mother, and knew the sweets were coming!

Grandma doled out the popsicles. Check out Seth! Funny that ALL the kids are smiling at the camera, and Grandma is looking away!

Cousin Tayra was in love with Seth. She loved holding him. Well, all the cousins loved holding him, but Tayra liked him the most. Even when he was fussy she didn't mind! It was great to have extra helping hands around!

Just a boy and his mom.

Ben, Norm and Grandma

Grandma, rough housing with Liam. She's fast and strong for an old lady!!! Liam was cracking up at her. Like I said, she's got a soft spot for little boys!

Aunt Margaret teaching Seth to help himself to the watermelon bowl! Health wise, Aunt Margaret has been through the wringer! She's a trooper and we're so glad we could spend some time with her.

Out in back at Nikki's.

The Foberts and the Allens. Boy do we wish we lived next door to these guys! It's super rare to have two families as compatible as ours seem to be. The kids get along great, and as couples we totally "hit it off."

We even snuck in a date night to a chic little fondue place in downtown Portland. Sooooooooo good . . . the company and the food!

Grandma and Ben. She thinks Ben is practically perfect in every way. She always reminds me how lucky I am to be his wife. She is correct indeed! Once again, lovin' her boys!

All the cousins. Front row: Eli, Deacon, Liam, Sariah, Tayra. Back row: Alysha, Jessica, Meilani and Seth. Joey was missing because he was back east visiting Nikki's brother for the summer.

Tree climbin'.
This old pear tree grew spontaneously atop the mound of dirt left behind from digging the basement of Great Grandma's house.

Rope swingin'!

Tractor sittin'.

Tire rollin'.

Tire bouncin'.

Alpaca pettin'.
Nikki works for a woman who breeds alpacas. We took a field trip to the farm for a visit.

This was the only one who would let the kids near her. She's an old lady on the farm and wasn't startled by the screaming banshees.

Piggy back ridin'

Snugglin' up.
Seth and Nikki must be kindred spirits, because every time he saw her he would squirm out of our arms and reach for her so they could snuggle like this. Nikki got her baby fix for sure.

To sum it all up, family is GREAT!


Melinda (farleysmiles) said...

I would never have believed it until I saw it!!!! I'm glad you had such a great time with your family!

Amanda said...

Glad you had fun! Can't believe we were on the same road at the same time. When did you get back? And just to did say it took you 11 hours....I got home on Sunday in 11.5 hours from Tacoma!!! My mom couldn't believe it! I couldn't either but I am very destination orientated. And Alison is too. and with only two travelers in the car we don't have to stop as much. Glad you got to visit family! Hope you go back often. The drive isn't too bad once you do it a few dozen times! LOL